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Episode 4: The Swamp Rabbit and the Necron Boob Bone

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Episode 4: The Swamp Rabbit and the Necron Boob Bone

Welcome to the podcast! Have a look around, we’ve got speculation, gesticulation and horny robot sounds.

We’ve got mountains of goblins, some bigger, some small, if any of this is of interest to you then this podcast is for y’all.

Join Rachel, Rich, Tom and Joesph as they wildly fling their AoS 3.0 dreams without even knowing what AoS 3.0 is. The is also a hot hobby beef section, how to pop you models from IRL to the opposite of IRL, is that an NFT? Whatever the case, its the Tiny Plastic People podcast, we hope you enjoy the show!

Rich is @richnutter
Rachel is @nershly
Tom is @tndines
Joseph is @games.scholar

You can reach us at thetinyplasticpeople@gmail.com

Visit our lovely website at tinyplasticpeople.com