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Episode 7: Marie Kondo, Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Episode 7: Marie Kondo, Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse

Hello friends!

Why, if it isn’t the seventh episode of our little community podcast about the hobby of painting small miniatures, rolling dice, then having a sort of crisis about what that means in 2021. This time we are joined by Toms, of the Tom F and G variety, our only JD and the mighty Rich.

Recorded in the heady heights of the heatwave, out brave hosts discuss Witney Warhammer! Tom G has hosted his own ‘event’ game and we then get into our seemingly regular self-hobby-help. Give Rich back his Ad Mech.

Edit: if Tom F is sounding a bit clippy, please redownload!

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Rich on Twitter: @richnutter
Tom F on Instagram: @le_swordfish
Tom G on Instagram: @respectablegeek
JD on Instagram: @Jd.paints

Email us: thetinyplasticpeople@gmail.com