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Special: Inq28 the Tiny Plastic People way

Special: Inq28 the Tiny Plastic People way

Hello! It is a bonus episode of the podcast! The first of… many? We hope? This aside, where we are going, you won’t need hope! Instead, Tom, Drew and James are around the table talking about the mini phenomenon that is Inq28, or Inquisimunda, or just Inquisitor, or… all those other dark, gothic, weird minis that haunt Instagram, just waiting for someone to say “Oh, that’s really cool”.

We have a natter about what it is, and a little bit about the event that we ran in March 2020 (yes, *that* March 2020) as well as other projects, how we got involved and what inspires us.

We recorded this a few months back, so things like AoS 3 were just a twinkle in Jervis Johnson’s eye, and we were also still in full lockdown.

Finally, as a little bonus, you can download the Illuminations of the Idolant Circle lore book/background that we created for our event here:

Illuminations (PDF)