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Special: Let’s get Soulbound together!

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Special: Let's get Soulbound together!

Hello! It is another Special! And this one, as they say, is a doozy. Why does doozy mean good one? I am not sure! I am sure I could use the internet to find out before I post this, but I won’t. What I am sure of though is that in this episode Tom D, Rachel and James are joined by podcast newcomer Michael and very special guest Elaine, who is a gosh darn game developer, for the very excellent TTRPG, Soulbound!

We discuss our history with the game, our favourite moments, what sets the game apart from other TTRPGs, some of decisions that went into making the game and more.

Many thanks for Elaine for giving up her time to talk with us about the very excellent game.

Find out more about Soulbound at Cubicle 7: https://www.cubicle7games.com/our-games/age-of-sigmar-soulbound/

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