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Special: The Warhammer Day Rapidly Cooling Takeathon

Special: The Warhammer Day Rapidly Cooling Takeathon

Happy Warhammer Day! (From a few days ago!) We hope you had a nice time, what with all those reveals and nice models n all that? Well, we did, and then Drew, Rouj, Tom G and Joseph leapt upon their microphones to give you what you crave, blessed content.

Why not grab a cuppa, a biscuit or two? Allow us to react, gasp and delight in the previewed treats that big uncle GW drops from his digital bag and into your ‘I want to buy this mini’ spreadsheet. Wait… Don’t you have a ‘I want to buy this mini’ spreadsheet? Where have you been?! It is what all the cool kids are doing these days, and they seem pretty on the ball.

So join us, delight in our glee, feel that pain that no, spoiler alert, Fulgrim is still not with us, but maybe… soon.. ssssssoon…