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Special: Tiny Resin People do a Heresy

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Special: Tiny Resin People do a Heresy

Welcome to another special episode of the Tiny Plastic People podcast, or should I say Tiny Resin People? Because we’ve met up and played our first games of Horus Heresy, aka Warhammer 30k aka The Age of Darkness. That’s right, we got in our various modes of transport and headed to Warhammer World to bask in a weekend of dice, Bugman’s burgers, too much coffee and the ever looming threat of the Forge World store.

In this episode we talk about taking our first steps in the game, a bit about its history, and then how we found actually playing it. Finally, with no spoilers or leaks, we discuss a bit about what we would like to see in the games future and our potential next projects.

Rich: @richnutter

James: @alonemusicuk

Drew: @drew_paints


Drew is wrong in the pod, it is of course Mike McVey who did the 1993 Horus Vs the Emperor Diorama

Pete aka Fiyenya’s 30k article: