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Three and Two Episode 0: Have You Never Been Jumped On By A Big Dog?

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Three and Two Episode 0: Have You Never Been Jumped On By A Big Dog?

Hello, welcome to Three and Two, a new matched-play focused Age of Sigmar podcast where hosts Matthew, Laura and Rich will take you through the hobby we’ve been up to, the games we’ve played, and our general ramblings on AoS events and happenings.

In this episode:
We do some introductions
Laura has been converting a very spiky Chaos Warshrine, and painting Be’lakor and some Kruleboyz.
Matthew has painted a load of sharks for his Idoneth Deepkin army, and is now staring fearfully at the Bonesplitterz pile.
Rich is working on some Mighty Skullcrushers for a slow-grow Blades of Khorne army, and deciding how many Lumineth Sentinels he might need to paint before his next event.
Rich and Matthew played a game of Maggotkin vs Nighthaunt.
Rich and Laura played Maggotkin vs Ossiarch Bonereapers
We talk about what we’d like to see from the future of AoS!

Follow us and see pictures of our hobby here:

Matthew – @ThirtySevenVisibleSkulls on Instagram
Laura – @Scops947 on Instagram or Twitter
Rich – @richnutter on Twitter, or @rjnutter on Instagram

Thanks to Tiny Plastic People for hosting us! You can follow them on @TinyPlasticPals on Twitter and Instagram, or check out the articles on the website.

If you’d like to get in touch with us with a suggestion, comment, or question, please email thetinyplasticpeople@gmail.com, with “Three and Two” in the subject line, and we’ll do our best to have some hot takes about your email!

Until next time!