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Three and Two Episode 4: It’s a Lot

Tiny Plastic People
Tiny Plastic People
Three and Two Episode 4: It's a Lot

Hello, and welcome to Three and Two, a matched-play focused Age of Sigmar podcast where hosts Matthew, Laura and Rich will take you through the hobby we’ve been up to, the games we’ve played, and our general ramblings on AoS events and happenings.

In this episode we catch up on hobby, talk a bit about the latest General’s Handbook, go through a couple of games we’ve played, and Laura reports back from a 1-day event at Bad Moon Cafe.

We also have a think about how the new GHB has influenced our plans for armies going forward.

Also, Matthew is now a Goonhammer contributor, and has written a Start Competing article about Bonesplitterz to go along with the Bonesplitterz army he’s just finished painting. Go and check it out!

We now have a twitter, @ThreeTwoAoS! Or you can follow us individually and see hobby pics! Matthew is @ThirtySevenVisibleSkulls on Instagram, Laura is @Scops947 on Instagram and Twitter, Rich is @RichNutter on Twitter.

Thanks Tiny Plastic People for hosting us!