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Introducing… A Crown of Salt and Shadow

Narrative Skirmishes in the Realm of Death

Hello! Eager listeners to the podcast may have heard rumour of the AOS28 event that our community ran in June 2023… It was a lovely time! Fun had by all! However did you know we never put anything less that 90-120% into our silly projects? No? Well, time to pop on your reading glasses and go: “Oh, so that what they were up to, neat.”

So allow me to fill you in on the content we are thusly pouring:

We made ourselves a little skirmish game for 2-4 players. It is a lot like the good* bits from Necromunda, Mordheim and Saga, with a few other ideas thrown in. We are releasing it here! For free!

There is also a system of Contracts for generating your missions, we wrote 100 of these and they can be mixed together to create asymetric games where each players agenda is not just to bash the skulls in of their enemies. From robbery to feeding blood to nasty trees, these are a fun way to ensure your warband has more flavour and narrative across games. There are also lots of items, rules to make your warband, tips on running games and even a big list of ideas for other settings/backgrounds to play games in.

In celebration of all the amazing work our community put in, we created a full, chunky, over designed work of love that is a lore-filled, photo stuffed book that you can download. It is big, full of wild models and amazing words from everyone who took part in the event or helped set up the background, the rules and more.

There is also a smaller version that is just the rules, for more sensible folk out there.

So head on over to the A Crown of Salt and Shadow page, where you can find the rules, some more pictures and other treats!

What a podcast too?!

Finally our TPP Podcast feed will have a number of episodes releasing! Yes, this is what I mean when I say going 90 – 120% on a project… This five-part series features James and Drew discussing how we went about planning the event, including crowdsourcing ideas, rules chatter, playtesting and ultimately running the two dayer. For people who like to hear folk waffle about ideas, this is for you. You can listen to these as they are released weekly on our feed:

Episode 1: Maybe you can kiss the shopkeeper?

Episode 2: We all love goop juice

Episode 3: The One Where We Go Full Rules

Episode 4: All Auteurs Are Awful

Episode 5: Edging Around Tangents (Q&A)

* Good is of course in the eye of the beholder and the roller of the dice…

By Tiny Plastic People

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