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Narrative Tabletop Skirmishes in the Realm of Death

Our Queen is dying
Shyish always takes its due

Cloistered in an ancient throne high atop the tallest tower of Illanmaster, Roswitha the Unfaded’s ancient heart slows.

Her death will bring with it an end to the Sorge dynasty and leave only a court of squabbling, cutthroat rivals. Each lusts after the power of the empty throne, daring someone else to make the first move.

They play these lofty games from tall towers built on top of those less fortunate, but few in this drifting city of flotsam and wrecked ships ever climb much higher than where the waves reach.

The isles of Munsalvesch begin to move to the rhythms of intrigue. While nobles wine and dine, suspiciously eyeing each other, in the briny dockways and courtyards blood is spilled by unsung thugs and foreign blades.

Riches are promised, influence is exerted, and nobody knows quite where they stand on the slippery rocks.

Our Queen is dying.
Who will you serve?

The Queen’s path is blocked by a dark power

In June 2023 the folk from Tiny Plastic People ran an AOS28 (Thats Age of Sigmar.. 28.. for the readers, or, what if the grim dark setting of AOS was even more dark and grim) event in Nottingham. So many folk came together to make fantastic models, weird and wonderful creatures, terrain, background and lore that we felt is would frankly be rude if we didn’t collect things together.

The game itself is a bespoke set of skirmish rules, these are completely setting and miniature agnostic. It has a flavour of Necromunda, Mordheim, Saga and Warcry, with a focus on beating little models to a pulp, flinging folk from the sides of boats and that classic Rube Goldberg of misery that 28mm players just love.

(470mb PDF / Google Drive)

(150mb PDF / Google Drive)

The book also contains all the background for the players warbands, a classic style minatures showcase, photos from the event, illustrations, printable assets for your own games and more.

Boats, ruins, swamps and lots of treasure!
Don’t go near the water… you never know what might lurk beneath…