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We’re a tabletop gaming hobby website

Credit: Rachel

We build, paint, convert and play games with small miniatures and we want to tell you about it.

We know what you’re thinking – we’re nothing new under the sun. We are now well into a golden age of board and tabletop games. But still, we find the places that cater to these hobbies in a way that reflects our mindset are few and far between.

To give you a flavour of what this site aims to be about, we thought we’d lay out our ideals, our hopes; the things we strive for.

We will

  • Provide you with engaging hobby content
  • Ensure our words are inclusive and diverse
  • Talk openly and honestly about the things that we enjoy
  • Keep the door open for new voices
  • Assess the state of the hobby, and help it improve

We won’t

  • Tell you that you are enjoying the hobby in the wrong way
  • Tolerate any gatekeeping
  • Rant and complain

Hobby is a funny thing.

As pastimes go, it is quite labour and time intensive. The result of our effort is frequently a silly fantasy on the tabletop; two armies clashing in a grand battle determined by dice rolls.

A result of this effort is a desire to strive, to always attempt to better our previous attempts at modelling, painting, and gaming. 

We decided to start Tiny Plastic People because we also wanted to better the way that the hobby is talked about in the public sphere. 

Our goal is to create a site that is for everyone – an inclusive space where people can read interesting articles, and discuss them in a civil, moderated place. 

For us the great diversity of hobby activities is what makes games special, from people playing homebrew games with their friends and kids, to organised narrative events, to competition painters and competitive gamers. They all can come together to show the many sides that these hobbies and games can offer. 

We want to talk about how we can make the hobby work for us, how it allows us to tell great stories, have great experiences, challenge ourselves, and build communities. 

We want to have challenging conversations, write interesting articles, and celebrate the hobby as best we can, without falling into the trap of uncritical adulations.

We want to tell you about ways you can engage with the craft, tell you of our victories and losses.

We want to ensure that every good intentioned voice has the opportunity to be heard, and to challenge the stereotypes and assumptions that often underpin our hobby. 

We hope you’ll join us.