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Neonheim Build (Part 4)

With a lot of the initial board structure built, I moved over to the less complete right-hand side. While adding the previously fabricated cardboard I-beam walkways, I also added some plain foam panelling down the wall for some visual interest. Whilst the walkways looked pretty unsupported there, I had planned to add some vertical pipes for support: to add a bit of cover for games, and also increase the feeling that this area of the board was more of a maintenance space for the original builders of the district. One thing worth covering is that I deliberately staggered these new walkways from the main floor levels, to make the potential lines of fire more interesting. The walkways also stick out a bit further than the main floors.

Terrain board construction showing metal walkways
The next level…

Adding in the pipe was pretty easy, just some cut to length PVC plumbers pipe. It was obviously important to include some open branches higher up; it wouldn’t be Necromunda without some mysterious leaking water.

Terrain board construction showing walkway with large pipes running down through them
First pipe in.

The pipes were then tied into the structure with some radial brackets. The rearmost pipe I actually kept free as it didn’t tie into the foundation structure, and I wanted the option to be able to shift it about when I came to work on the lower areas of the board.

Terrain board construction showing pipes and walkways, brackets are added to link the walkways and pipes
Second pipe and brackets in.

The intent was to have something of a pool or hive-swamp at the bottom of the table. As this board is intended to be part of a modular structure I didn’t want to have the complexity of aligning resin pours, so I decided to add a weir/retaining wall around the base. I thought about doing the retaining wall vertical so I could put it flush up against other boards but in the end I went for a slope to give me a better look on this board. Maybe I will rue this later.

Terrain board with a weir built around the foot of the board
Terrain board showing the weir from above
Another view on the weir

When I was done with the weir I added some detail to the back wall of the pool, blocking it in with rough cut foam and adding some drainage pipes. I broke and flared the ends of some of the pipes maybe their breakage is responsible for the pool forming in the first place. I didn’t bother texturing the foam for the back wall as I knew I was going to be covering it up later.

Terrain board showing some pipes added above the pool area at the foot of the board
More pipes

Finally, whilst all the pool work was drying I made a start on the ‘neon’ for Neonheim, a big ol’ retro signboard built from scratch. Fortunately, as it is for an underhive hell-city I didn’t need to be too neat. The sign would slide into some small tubes I had previously set into the walkways below the ruined bridge.

An old fashioned steel work sign built from card
The sign…
The steel work sign installed on the terrain board
…And in situ.

I was happy when that was all done and the sign support posts aligned properly with the tubes in the walkways (phew).

A view of the terrain board progress up to this point, the sign and walkways
The Escher assess the new territory

I wonder what the sign should say?

Up next, some more work on the pool.

That’s it for now.

By Drew

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