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My Favourite Tool: Two Water Pots

A fly-by look at one tool in the hobby-space – what it’s for and why it’s good.

This time: Two Water Pots

Two jam jars full of water
Very heavily used jars

Maybe this is something everyone already does, maybe it will help some people...

Rather than one water pot, you have two water pots.

Why do this? When you’re painting, the water serves several purposes, to keep your brush lubricated, to thin your paints, and clean old paint off your brush. Some of these really don’t go well together.

So that’s it really, one pot is for cleaning the paint off the brush, the other ‘clean’ pot is for wetting the brush again, diluting paints, or blending.

For me it helps to have two different style pots, both provided by some of the finest condiment makers, to easily differentiate them. Then, I alway put the pots in the same spot and in the same order on my desk, so I don’t mix them up.

Also, if you’re lazy, you have the bonus that you don’t need to change your water as often.

By Drew

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