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My Favourite Tool: Pipe Cutter

My Favourite Tool.

A fly-by look at one tool in the hobby space – what it’s for and why it’s good.

A plastic pipe cutter
Pipe Cutter

This time: A pipe cutter.

I have two of these tools, a larger plumbing sized one and a smaller hobby version. Both are great ways to produce smooth and hassle free cuts in piping. They’re intended for metal, but they’ll also do a reasonable job on plastic.

Each one is a thread which tightens to clamp the pipe against a rolling blade. Then you rotate the tool/pipe until the repeated pressure quickly cuts through the pipe wall. Because it’s a circular motion you avoid ovalising the cut and deforming the pipe as you would do with a knife or shears. Similarly, as it’s not abrasive, it produces a much cleaner cut than a saw would do.

If you are into your converting or terrain making, pick one up and give it a go.

By Drew

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