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My Favourite Tool: Magnet Key

A fly-by look at one tool in the hobby-space – what it’s for and why it’s good.

This time: A magnet key.

Never glue in a magnet the wrong way again with this one neat trick.

A magnet glued to a model base. 'This side in' is written on the front.
My magnet key.

Okay, it’s deceptively simple but I went a long time without having something like this. Maybe other people are missing one too.

I’ve always keyed my magnets individually for the job they were doing, so my Adeptus Titanicus warlord carapace weapons are a different direction to the arms, doesn’t cause any problem. Except, I occasionally slip up – then it is a problem, and those slips are usually made by me just forgetting which polarity I went for on that particular job.

So, to avoid this, I glued a wide magnet down to a base and wrote ‘this side in’ onto it. Now, whenever I magnetise a model, I stack my magnets on the key and mark the exposed face. Whatever I’m doing, those marked faces always go in towards the centre of the model’s body.

So on a body the mark is hidden as it is facing in, on a weapon/arm/etc the mark is on the exposed face as it goes ‘in to’ the main body.

No more mixed up magnets (and as a bonus it keeps my magnets tidy on my desk).

By Drew

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