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International Women’s Day

One of the pillars that Tiny Plastic People is built on is the idea that wargaming and the hobby-space around it is a great place, and we want to see more people involved from all manner of backgrounds.

Today on International Women’s Day we want to take the opportunity to spotlight some of the talented women already contributing to the hobby, particularly those you might not have heard of.

We also encourage you to share some of your favourites to your social feeds, pop someone a comment on Instagram, or take the time to follow a few of the awesome hobbyists below!

Let’s show what a great place the hobby is because of what these folks are already doing, and hopefully we can see many more, of all talents, joining in too.

If you want to learn more about International Women’s Day you can visit the official website, and find out more about the theme and drive this year which is #ChooseToChallenge

“We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.”

#ChooseToChallenge  #IWD2021

Spotlight suggestions from our contributors

Trish Carden


Sculptor of many of the classic Forgeworld monster kits, Trish is a great sculptor and artist. Most hobbyists will know her work, even if they don’t know her.

A dragon miniature sculpted by Trish Carden
Classic Forest Dragon by Trish Carden

Bad Squiddo Games (Annie)


Annie started Bad Squiddo Games with the goal of bringing believable female miniatures to wargaming and continues to do excellent work, with the catalogue expanding since inception to include a variety of critters and a huge range of scenics. We’re a particular fan of the dedication Annie, and the community she has fostered, shows towards recognizing true heroines from history, such as this rendition of Danuta Danielsson (Wikipedia) clocking a neo-nazi with her handbag.

A miniature of Danuta Danielsson by Bad Squiddo
Danuta Danielsson by Bad Squiddo Games

Julia Moshura


A very talented Russian painter working mostly on historical pieces.

A banner of eagles painted by Julia Moshura
Banner by Julia Moshura

Katarzyna Górska


A painter and tutor who uses incredible colour selections in their work.

A model of Archeon the everchosen painted by Katarzyna Górska
Archeon by Katarzyna Górska

Tamtam Nicholls


Formerly a Lead Graphic Designer for Games Workshop, she now works in their  Licensing department. Her personal work is a great selection of gribbly weirdness.

Creepy dungeon terrain by Tamtam Nicholls
Terrain by Tamtam Nicholls

Sebrina Bank Jorgensen


A painter and converter of grimy Dark Angels, titans and starships.

A Dark Angel spacemarine champion painted and converted by Sebrina Bank Jorgensen
Dark Angel Champion by Sebrina Bank Jorgensen

Bunga Meisari


Not linked to wargaming, but her dioramas are inspirational.

A diorama of a road side made by Bunga Meisari
Diorama by Bunga Meisari

Ainsleigh Barber


A new face on the scene, doing dramatic readings of monologues from Black Library novels. So far they have covered Angron’s speech from Betrayer and Cyrene Valantion from The First Heretic.

Heather Armstead / The Real Iron Hand


In her own words: “Trans-humeral dominant arm amputee trying to learn to paint using the wrong hand, a prosthetic arm, and a lot of swearing.”

Guardians of the Covenant Spacemarines painted by Heather Armstead
Guardians of the Covenant by Heather Armstead

Ana Polanscak


Ana has been in and around the grim dark corners of model making and conversions for over 15 years. Her tabletop projects span game systems, and she also creates stunning relics and sculptures.

While strongly associated with the Inquisition/Blanchitsu corner of the hobby, Ana’s work delves deep into folk horror, ritual and european history to tease gothic horror, vast unknowable terror and religious belief into exquisite miniatures.

Inquisitor Warband by Ana Polanscak
Inquisitor Warband by Ana Polanscak

Darcy Bono


A talented hobbyist and painter who is constantly knocking out awesome work. We’re particularly fans of her T’au army, but she continues to produce eye-catching paintjobs on a huge variety of models.

a Games Workshop T'au Commander Shadowsun miniature, painted in a striking black and orange colour scheme with the bottom half camouflaging itself against the environment.
Commander Shadowsun by Darcy Bono Creations

Kristina Amuan


Kristina is a freelance artist who produces a lot of Warhammer 40,000-themed work. Her art is cute, vibrant and funny, and she isn’t afraid to challenge the grimdark norms of the source material.

Cartoon image of Fulgrim in purple armour, singing into a microphone
Fulgrim singing his heart out, by Kristina Amuan

Rachel (Nersh)


Rachel is a hobbyist who brings an awe inspiring command of colour to her work. In particular, we love the vivid contrasts she gets by using colours most people wouldn’t think of putting anywhere near a fantasy miniature.

The Light of Eltharion, by Rachel

Dana Howl


One of the best painting tutors out there, Dana creates accessible and informative videos that cover topics from the basics, to guides to techniques like underpainting and colour glazing. She has also managed an inspiring 769 day hobby streak by committing at least one hour a day to hobbying!

Morathi by Dana Howl

Laura (Pegastyx)


An editor for Warhammer TV, Laura is also a proficient hobbyist whose conversions and kitbashes are deliriously creative. She brings an atmosphere of grime and oppression to Warhammer that evokes the darker corners of the universe.

Humbawa, The Bloody Titan by Laura

Louise Sugden


Louise also works for Games Workshop, as an illustrator for Forge World. Her work is well known for pushing colour to its limits, bringing a lurid intensity to her models that’s second to none.

The Goff Rokkaz by Louise Sugden

By Tiny Plastic People

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